Saturday, July 23, 2005

Update: Unrest in Iran

The Daily Briefing on Iran and is keeping us up to date on the events happening in Kurdistan (northern Iran). Radio Free Europe and another article from The Daily Briefly on Iran give more credence to the first claims.

There is a 10pm curfew now. Many are disregarding it. Martial law has been declared. Arrests continue. Torture continues. Outrage continues. Riots continue. Murders continue. Threats continue. WHY DON'T I HEAR about this on the news?

The Governor of Mahabad threatened the Kurdish people on radio and TV saying, "Stop the demonstrations! You don't want the 80's back, I assure you."

Now, I do not know exactly what happened to the Kurds in the 80's, except that Saddam gassed over 5000 of them with chemical weapons. Is this what he is refering to? Hmm. It better not be, because that is the dime that drops that ends the regime.

The regime is in dangerous territory as it is. If the unrest (rioting) spreads from Tehran to the outer parts of the country, their are not enough guards to contry the populous. There just may be a coup. I sure hope so. With no American help, too! Freedom is a wonderful thing that you just can't put in a bottle and set in on shelf. Thank God.