Sunday, July 17, 2005

Update: Mahabad, Iran

Yesterday I informed you about an incident that occured in Iran. Today I can report that there is much unrest, many arrests, chaos all over the place.

Iran’s security forces have arrested dozens of Kurds in the town of Bukan, northwest Iran, in clashes that have been going on for three days, residents said.
This is not right. The SSF started the whole thing.
Last Sunday, agents of the State Security Forces opened fire on Shovan Qaderi and two of his friends in the town of Mahabad. The security forces then tied Qaderi’s body to a Toyota jeep and dragged him in the streets, according to eye-witnesses.

Since then, several hundred people in Mahabad have been arrested during numerous hit-and-run clashes and house-to-house raids.
This has caused an uprising of the people. They became very angry, as if they weren't already.
“Government offices, homes and cars have been damaged in the course of the incidents that have occurred in Mahabad in the past few days”the television said.
One SSA Officer has been stabbed to death. This is going to create a big crackdown.
The report added that the provincial security council met today to study ways of bringing the situation under control.
Before this even happened, though, there was several thousand residents gathered near Estghlal Square chanting. There were chants of “Death to Khamenei" as well as burning of the tyres. There were also chanting “Shovan, we will continue your struggle.” Because of these incidences,
Anti-government demonstrations and major unrest have also taken place in the nearby towns of Bonab, Sanandaj, Orumieh, Naqdeh, and Miandoab, according to witnesses.
Do you think this will be reported in America? Should this be reported? I say it should, but these reporters are too busy with non-stories trying to get their own awards. They should all be ashamed of themselves, but that would require a conscience.