Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Thoughts on the War on Islamofascism

I've been on a little sabbatical (OK, a vacation - at home) for the last few weeks, and haven't written much. I wrote a piece on LEAVWORLD about the London attacks last week, and have been following other news, of course. When I write for this blog, I try to keep in mind the title - LOVE AMERICA FIRST. Along those lines, here are my latest thoughts regarding Islamofascism:

It is easy to follow a fascist ideology, especially so when it is cloaked in religion. Even if you don't believe in it, it is easier to go along than to protest it in countries like Saudi Arabia. In today's America, KKK rallies, while permitted by the law, always draw more opponents than actual klan members. We don't even take the KKK seriously anymore, but they were the domestic terrorists of their day, with the tacit approval of the government and the media for some time. The greatness of America conquered that movement, but it wasn't easy.

We are starting a revolution in Iraq that may spread throughout the Middle East. The ideas we are planting there are tolerance between Sunnis and Shiites, as well as for faiths other than Islam. No one should expect this to happen overnight. We must be prepared to commit to Iraq, and the Islamic world as a whole, for the long term.

Americans' opinions on Iraq run the gamut, but there is a large amount of ambivalence about democracy in Iraq. This is the most dangerous attitude in our global society (formerly known as "the world"). Iraq was step two in the war against Islamofascism, though Saddam's Iraq was more Fascist than Islamist. Either way, it was the right thing to do, regardless of dissenters in the government like Valerie Plame-Wilson, who abused her bureaucratic power in an attempt to derail the war in Iraq.

PS:As little as I've posted on this blog, I may be co-authoring the Stop The ACLU - New York blog soon. This is a huge opportunity to focus on national civil rights (read as: anti-terrorism and crime) issues on a more local level, and hopefully to expose the incestuous relationship between the NYCLU and our (NY) State government. I will still post here as often as possible if I get to do this, and I'll put a link to this site over there if it happens. Either way, you haven't heard the last of me at LOVE AMERICA FIRST!