Friday, July 22, 2005

Terror in Today's News/Countries That See the Light

The jihadis are in a killing mood today, as always. Below are a few links to new reports about the unholy "warriors" lust for blood. Doesn't seem to matter where you are, Egypt, Lebanon, Israel, England, Georgia, Indonesia, or Thailand, to name a few of where the murdering, cowardly terrorists have left their bloody calling cards. Egypt was hit the worst at a resort town, reports indicate that some of the 45 victims in this attack were from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and European countries.

45 Dead and 200 Hurt in Egyptian Blasts

Iraq Police Search for Algerian Diplomats

Beirut Blast Wounds Two on Crowded Street

Today, countries are waking up to the very real threat of terrorists. The US House of Representatives extended indefinitely the PATRIOT Act, Italy passed new anti-terrorism measures, and Australia is looking anew at anti-terrorism measures.

Italian Cabinet OKs Anti-Terror Measures

Australia eyes terrorism laws after London attacks

House Votes to Extend Patriot Act

People need to stop making excuses for these murdering terrorists. There is no excuse other than extreme fanaticism. It has nothing to do with Israel, US policies, England being in Iraq or any other excuse trotted out by apologists. Stop making excuses and condemn these terrorists for the murdering cowards that they are and educate yourself about the justification they glean from the Koran.