Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Tax Alert!

There is a new tax being discussed for which you should all be alerted. It is a tax for which you have no say in how it is spent, how much you pay, whether or not you pay, nor will it ever show on your 1040's. It is the UN tax!

Yes. It is here. In all it's forgery, oops, I mean glory. Yes. Mr. Give me all your money for food and I will give you oil Annan has decided that his "new" (3rd) reforms will include a .7% tax on the GDP of the industrialized nations.

That would be approximately $82B for the USA. This is 10 times more than China and Russia combined!

There is a very good article about this by a woman whom is much more acquainted with this circus. Her name is Claudia Rosett, and her column can be found in the Opinion Journal Online. I highly recommend you read it before calling your Senators to tell them NO! It is against the US Constitution. Thank you, and have a nice day.