Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Take the Memorial Back Update

I have some news about the Memorial that is being built "in Memory" of our heroes that died on that fateful day.
From 9/11 Familes for a Safe & Strong America:
Forsaking the public trust at Ground Zero: Bernstein to move IFC 20 feet east, take artifacts from the memorial site, and use 9/11's heroes as drawing cards

The Lower Manhattan Development Corporation has repeatedly failed the trust the American people placed in it. Either knowingly or with a lack of due diligence, the LMDC allowed a political ideolog to become a key member of the boards overseeing the 9/11 memorial at Ground Zero. Further, the LMDC has allowed him to turn the gateway cultural center to the memorial — which America clearly expected to be about 9/11 — into a platform for his personal politics and sense of history. The LMDC has seeded 300 million dollars of taxpayer’s money to an International Freedom Center that planned originally to contain nothing to do with 9/11 and to become a “public square” for the world’s activists to debate upon. Now the LMDC would have America trust the IFC’s Chairman, “nearly 100 advisers” and the Aspen Institute to chose the IFC’s content and to monitor its activities. In the latest insult, the LMDC would allow the IFC to place the heroes of 9/11 next to “freedom’s heroes,” take 9/11 artifacts from the memorial and elsewhere and place them at the entrance and within the IFC, and co-opt the personal property and remembrances of family members as drawing cards to his scheme. This insidious plan is led by Tom Bernstein. It is up to the American people to stop his plan. READ MORE
I hope this motivates you into action. This cannot stand. Thank you.