Saturday, July 02, 2005

Stories I will not be covering

I will not be covering the Big-8 Concert. You know, alot of old, overaged singers who have retired so many times we can't keep track? Yes. They are getting together this weekend to beg we forgive the debt for corrupt governments of Africa. They have good intentions, but no brains.

There is, however, someone who did a fabulous job of covering the Real Story about this. Fausta from The Bad Hair Blog. Check it out. She did a fabulous job.

I will not be covering the missing girl in Aruba, either. Too many people are doing this story. I hate these kind of stories. Sorry.

I will not be covering stuff I don't about it. I am basically writing this to have something written. I need to get to press before midnight. I may have a different attitude later. :) Have a great day.

Update: I made an error when I said Fausta was a he. SHE is not a he. She is a woman. A wonderful woman, at that! My deepest apologies.