Thursday, July 14, 2005

Paying the Price of Freedom

This man's name is Mr. al-Khawaini. He is from Yemen. He is a reporter. He loves freedom, truth, liberty, and true republics that are democratically run. For this he was imprisoned.

With all that is going on in the world these days, our reporters have not mentioned his name once. Why not? Is it because they do not know? Is it because they cannot mention everyone? Or is it because of their hatred for President Bush that they would prefer to unwittingly have all of us blown up? Them included. Remember, it is the reporters and the actors/actresses that go first.

This man has committed no crime. Neither has Akbar Ganji of Iran. They are willing to stand and fight for their rights. Oh how I admire them. I do not know if I could be this brave. Jane played a major role in the defense and release of Mr. al-Khawaini. I learned of his plight through her.

She is watching Yemen very closely. So closely she is receiving very bad government-sponsored press and threats in Yemen. Please support these men who have no crime for which to pay, and Jane whose only desire is to help them achieve their goals. Thank you, and God bless you.

PS. The pamphlets about Akbar Ganji are ready for downloading. They may be spread to people to help them become aware of Akbar's plight. It explains almost everything. You may download them, and distribute them on your way to work, lunch, or wherever during the day. I am not saying stand on a street corner or waste them. lol. I am asking, praying, that you will chip in a little of your free time and help these people have a voice to gain their freedom. Something we take for granted. Thank you.

PSS. The reason Mr. al-Khawaini is holding his arms up with the hand-cuffs still on is because he refuses to leave! They want to give him a bad deal to shut us up. They do not understand honor. He wants a full apology, and they want to give him an early release or a pardon. Either way, he wants his record cleared. He comitted no crime. Jane will remember better than I which he was offered.

Jane: contact me so I can make this correct! Thanks.

Update: Thank you, Jane. Jane has an update about al-Khawaini over at her site. Please, go read it. It is quite disturbing.

Update 2: Jane has left a comment that will clear up any mistakes I have made.
[H]e got an amnesty three months ago and is currently targeted again: the building of his newspaper al-Shoura was taken over about two weeks ago by gunmen, and then they published a replica paper with the same name and bogus content. The democratically oriented political party he is affiated with has been dissolved. I am worried.
I am with you. Can you imagine anyone trying to do this to the NY Times? What about good ol' CBS?

There would be cries from the rooftops from EVERYONE for someone's head to roll! So why are so quiet?

Because the MSM is not doing it's job? Partly. The other part is because we have forgotten personal responsibility.

We have the power within us to change this. This is what being free is about, in some instances. If we will not speak up for others, then why should others speak up for us? Hmm.