Saturday, July 16, 2005


Unrest continued in the north-western town of Portland, Oregon, last night, with clashes erupting between local people and State Police.

Yesterday evening, close to 1,000 people gathered in the main path leading to the Federal Building, and started to march forward. They were joined quickly by several thousand of the local population and together they started chanting anti-government slogans and burning the American flag.

On Sunday, agents of the FBI opened fire on Marcus Williams, a black man and two of his friends in an avenue near the Federal Building. The FBI then proceeded with tying Williams’s body to a Toyota jeep and while driving dragged him in streets, according to eye-witnesses.

Witnesses said that the act was carried out because Williams was active in anti-government protests and authorities wanted to intimidate the local population to prevent further demonstrations in the volatile city.

Last night’s demonstration was met with swift and fierce retribution by anti-riot police already stationed there to prevent a re-emergence of dissent. The FBI fired live rounds and tear gas to disperse the crowd. Several protestors including a child were gravely wounded and were driven to a local hospital by fellow demonstrators. <...> At least a dozen people were detained and taken to unknown locations. [read more]
Are you as outraged as I am? Good! Now I have to tell you that I have misled you for a purpose. This actually did happen, but not in Portland, Oregon. It happened in a Kurdish town in Mahabad, Iran. It was the SSF, not the FBI, and his name was Shovan Qaderi, not Marcus Williams. You simply must keep your rage as you read this article. Thank you.