Sunday, July 24, 2005

NK Refugee Speaks

As I have told you previously, Kang-Chol Hwan was going to speak in NYC and Washington. He also spoke at the Freedom House's North Korea Conference by OneFreeKorea a/k/a WonsanGhetto. (This is posted at North Korea Zone.) For the rest of the links, please go to NKZone.

There were several hundred in attendance. To name a few, Senator Sam Brownback, Kang-Chol Hwan, and Natan Sharansky. The writer of this article was also in attendance, and he/she is writing a summary of what was said. It is fascinating!

There will be more than one report, so remember to keep stopping by. He/she also has very good articles about conditions and attitudes on the peninsula. All in all, this is a very source for information on the NK situation. Great job, WonsanGhetto!