Monday, July 11, 2005

Move America Forward Report

The U.S. Senator who smeared U.S. Troops with claims that they were
barbaric torturers akin to "Nazis, Soviets with their Gulags, or some
mad regime like Pol Pot or others" is now trying to silence Move
America Forward [website:, a
pro-military not-for-profit organization.

"In keeping with his outrageous conduct, U.S. Senator Richard Durbin's
office intimated to an Illinois newspaper that the IRS should shut
down Move America Forward, telling the newspaper:

"Have you ever seen that H&R Block commercial where
the guy leans in and says, 'I see an audit'?"

One of the grounds used to threaten impeachment of President Richard
Nixon was that he politicized the IRS and tried to use IRS audits of
his political enemies to shut them down or silence them. That is
precisely what Senator Durbin's office is doing now! There is no
place for that in American politics, and Senator Durbin must be held

In another effort to shut down the voices of American military men
and women who rely on Move America Forward to defend them, it looks
like Durbin's office has also called the television stations in the
state and pressured them not to run the television commercial calling
him to task.

Already, two television stations have buckled under his pressure:
the ABC affiliate in Chicago (WLS TV 7) and the NBC affiliate in
Chicago (WMAQ TV 5), are refusing to run the ad critical of Durbin.
The CBS affiliate in Chicago has withstood Durbin's pressure, and
Move America Forward has already aired the ad during their news

The TV Ad Senator Durbin seems so frightened of can be seen here:

The above is from an Email I received from Move America Forward.