Friday, July 22, 2005

More on China's Threat, Dated 10/27/2004

Wednesday, October 27 2004 @ 02:17 AM PDT
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There is more to this story, but if you go to the site you will be able to read the whole article. It is copywrited, so I could only copy a little. Dig in!

"September 23, 2004
By Toby Westerman
Copyright 2004
International News Analysis Today

A vow to oppose sanctions and the determination to "enhance the ruling capability" of the Chinese Communist Party spells doom for hundreds, if not thousands, of people in the African nation of Sudan, and directly threatens the security of the United States.

An important topic - but you won't hear it on the evening news, anywhere."

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THE CHINA THREAT--WHERE'S THE RESPONSE? This is dated July 7, 2005 I recommend reading both articles. The first one talks about China's thirst for oil and refusal to vote in favor of the sactions against Sudan. This is not just a political move, but it is a military move also. The second article is about Syria testing chemical weapons on the people of Darfur, Sudan.

Do not underestimate the Chi-Coms. The Red Chinese. Don't like being called this, eh? Tough! Give up Communism, let my people go, change to a market economy, and stop making and distributing CHEMICAL and BIOLOGICAL weapons! Then, after 20-30 years, I'll think about it. Until then, you are chi-coms. Reds. Remember? Better dead than red? Yeah, you scum.

Clarification: The government, not the people. I know you have no say.