Friday, July 08, 2005

The Left has lost their mind, the Right has found it.

Did I not warn that it would take no less time for the Left to blame Tony Blair and George Bush than it would to put your shoes on? Well, over at Blackfive's, he has many great links for you to find the looney Left. He also has good links to help the Brittish people.

You can do this first by showing your support for Tony Blair. You may leave a message for him at Blackfive's. He has it all set up.

Secondly, if you were planning on taking a trip this summer, why not make it London? Anywhere in England, Scotland or Ireland.

I am afraid I cannot write too much about the Left on this issue, because of our self-enforced "rule" of not cussing. I know I will if I continue. Thank you for understanding.