Monday, July 18, 2005

I Joined. Won't You?

I joined this new group of people from all over the world, because they are against terrorism. Sometimes, I get e-mails from people who are afraid to stand against the radicals whom have hijacked their religion. To overcome this fear, they must know there really are people out here that will stand with them and not against them. I believe this will give them the strength they require to stand against radical Wahabbists. No one should live in this fear.

Sometimes it is very difficult to stand alone, especially when you can lose your life for doing so. Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. did just that. He was a remarkable man who knew that the larger the crowd, the louder the voice, the better to be noticed. He gave his life so that all men shall be free from the stench of bigotry.

Let us learn from his life. He refused violence. He deplored it. Instead, he chose to use his faith, his brain, and his hope that one day all men shall live free and in peace. Let us stand together now to get rid of the stench of terrorism. You may start by joining us. Thank you.