Thursday, July 07, 2005

Free Muslims Coalition Condemn London Attacks

Free Muslims Coalition condemns the terrorist attacks on London. This group has been trying to get press notice for years now. No one seems to want to speak to Muslims who are not against America.

They have marched on Washington, DC. on May 14, 2005. Many groups did not show up, because they fear retaliation. These men and women are very brave. They are asking for all Muslims, Christians, and Jews (and other religions) to stand with them against terrorism.

I had a tape of the March on DC, but it has been moved in the C-SPAN archives. I have e-mailed the online tech. and asked for the new address. I am hoping to receive it soon. When I receive it (if I receive it, lol) I will add it to this article as an update. Thank you, and have a safe and nice day.

Update: First of all, I would like to thank C-SPAN for coming to my rescue. They came through. Thank you.
This is the link to a page provided by C-SPAN. Just click on the title, and there you go! I decided to leave the link so you could see it, so if you have to type in yourself for some weird reason, you can. Hey, just trying to help. lol.