Monday, July 18, 2005

Free Mojtaba Samineja

I am asking for your attention for a moment out of your busy day to read about a young man who is in prison for doing what you do so freely everyday...he spoke. Does it matter what he said? Not here, but in Iran you can be put to death.
According to Reporters Without Borders, Mojtaba Samineja was cleared on June 28 of the charge of "insulting the prophets," a capital crime in Iran. He has already been sentenced to two years in prison for "insulting the Supreme Guide."

Please sign the petition to free him from this last trumped-up charge. Two years in a prison with the worst criminals in Iran for a college student who did no more than offers his opinion on his country's direction is a graver crime than any of those with which he was charged.

Fellow Iranian blogger Mohammad Reza Nasab Abdolahi, along with many other journalists and political activists, still languishes in the prisons of Iran. [please visit this site]
This is unacceptable. If he did not agree with me about anything, I would still ask you to sign the petition. It is only right. It is just. It is his God-given freedom. If you love this country, then I'm sure will agree.

If we did not receive these rights from God, whether or not you believe in Him, then we received them from the State. Do you see where I am going with this? No? What the State giveth, the State may also taketh away. Think about that one for a while!