Friday, July 15, 2005

Building Bridges

I was reading this blog that is on my blogroll, and I came upon a very interesting challenge. It is about building bridges between peoples. Writing about another country, another people, another culture to expand the understanding of those people. Due to this new way of communicating with people, we could offer news here about news over there.

Where? Wherever your interest lies. I happen to be interested in too many places! I do not know if I would be a candidate. I find my heart going out to the people in Darfur, Sudan. I am also concerned about the Asian Pacific Rim. Of course, there is the Middle East, and South America.

I am thirsty for knowledge, and I sure do not receive it from schools or the news here. I have to go search for it. That is one of the reasons I have Causes of Interest. While it is mainly about Darfur, Sudan, I still find so much more to learn about in Africa.

Well, I wanted to introduce to you Committee to Protect Bloggers. They are reaching out to other bloggers to join in the outreach. Please take a look. It is a very worthy site, indeed.

Many of our brethren are imprisoned for raising their voices. Be grateful you are free. Of course, that is only because we have people whom are willing to keep us this way, and they are unable to blog without registering! That is a different story, though. Have a great day.