Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Breaking News: Outgoing PM of Lebanon wounded in bomb blast

There has been an explosion in the suburbs of Antelias. The neighborhood is where many Christians live. The USA Embassy was a few miles away.

The blast was very strong, and many cars were destroyed. Two people have been declared dead by Reuters reporters. The attack was supposedly against the outgoing PM who supports Syria. His Defense Minister Elias Al-Murr and he were also wounded.

Security officials said 12 people were also wounded in the explosion. The explosion made enough noise to be heard for quite a distance.
The latest explosion occurred as Prime Minister-designate Fouad Siniora was trying to form Lebanon’s first government since Syrian troops withdrew from the country in April. [sic-they did not leave until almost June!]

Although Murr is regarded as pro-Syrian, his father has forged a political alliance with Michel Aoun, a Christian former general who returned in May after 14 years of forced exile for leading a revolt against the Syrian military presence.

Aoun and his supporters won 21 seats in Lebanon’s recent parliamentary election, the first since the Syrian pullout. [read more]
Let us hope that this was not Hezbollah. Let us also hope that this democracy is a true fledgling democray. There are worries and fears that Syria still has intelligence agents in Lebanon. All we can do now is hope.