Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Asking the World to Unite Against Terror

Hat tip: IsraellyCool

One of the originators is Christopher Hitchens(go to Political Teen to see him mow down Ron Reagan) . He had this to say about why this petition was started and his commitment to it:
Association with this statement and with many of its fellow-signatories involves two commitments. The first is the elementary duty of solidarity with true and authentic resistance movements within the Muslim world, such as the Kurdish guerrillas in Iraq and the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan, who were fighting against Ba'athism and Talibanism (and the latent alliance between the two) long before any American or British government had woken up to the threat. It should go without saying that, though the suffering of their peoples was intense, neither Jalal Talabani nor Ahmed Shah Masoud ever considered letting off explosive devices at random in foreign capitals. I have my political and ideological differences with both groups, but these differences are between me and them, and are not mediated through acts of nihilistic murder.

My second commitment is equally elementary. The foreign policy of a democracy should be determined only at election times or by votes in Congress or Parliament. It is one hundred per cent unacceptable even to imply, let alone to assert, that a suicide-murderer or his apologists can by these means acquire the right to any say in how matters are decided.

Both of these observations, and indeed this very statement, would be redundant if it were not for the widespread cultural presence of a pseudo-Left, and an isolationist Right, both of whom have degenerated to the point where they regard jihadism as some form of "liberation theology". The old slogans are often the best, and "Death to Fascism" is life-affirming in these conditions.
I like this petition at Unite Against Terror. It is the first I have seen asking for terror attacks to stop against all: from London, to Israel, to homicide bombers in Iraq. Below is an excerpt:
Communities United Against Terror

Terrorist attacks against Londoners on July 7th killed at least 54 people. The suicide bombers who struck in Netanya, Israel, on July 12 ended five lives, including two 16 year old girls. And on July 13, in Iraq, suicide bombers slaughtered 24 children. We stand in solidarity with all these strangers, hand holding hand, from London to Netanya to Baghdad: communities united against terror
This terrorist violence is not a response by 'Muslims' to the injustices perpetrated upon them by 'the west'. Western democracies have been responsible for some of the ills of this world but not for the terrorist murders of these deluded Bin-Ladenists.
A brief list of some who have already signed:

Michael N. Ezra
Philip Spencer (Kingston University, personal capacity)
Jim Davis (USA)
Peter Ismert (USA)
Ben Cohen
Anthony Cox (England - blogger)
Oliver Kamm (Columnist, The Times)
David M. Seymour (UK)
Debbie Williams (Transport and General Workers Union, UK, personal capacity)
Jeffrey Ketland (University of Edinburgh, UK)
Eric Lee
David Collins
Jim Denham
Ben Harris
Peter Ward
Patrick Heenan
Monique Lamontagne
Steven Dzik
Osama Al-Moosawi (Iraq)

There are already a lot of signatures. I am glad to see some journalist's signatures. And as Israellycool pointed out, once again bloggers are leading the way. Please sign the Communities Against Terror petition.