Saturday, June 18, 2005

Welcome Aboard!

I would like to welcome aboard all of the writers who have joined in this endeavored. I would like to tell you, the readers, a little about these extraordinary people.

Mr. Kurtz possesses a great wealth of knowledge. He enjoys photography, and he appreciates classical music. He has helped me with many items. He may not remember or think so, but I am grateful just the same. He has a wonderful blog named Mr. Kurtz Neighborhood. He writes about many different topics, but they are always interesting. He is a fine addition to our love affair with America.

Mr. Grassroots is my brother, but I will try to be fair! He is a very smart man. He could tell you the answer to most trivia I've never heard about. He also has a knack for knowing where everything came from, including words. He is a fun guy, when he doesn't have too much on his mind. He is a very welcome addition. He does not write often, but when he does, it is worth reading. You know the type.

Steve from DOUBLE TOOTHPICKS is a wonderfully beautiful man. He is kind, creative, authentic, energetic, Christian, and altogether a fabulous addition. His site is DOUBLE TOOTHPICKS. I love reading his site for a balanced version of the news. You would be surprised to find that us Christians have righteous indignation, also! We also have fun. I am very grateful for this addition to our group.

Michael Fitch is a young man who remembers September 11, 2001, and asks if he is alone. No Michael, you are not. Everyone here is with you. Mike is a very compassionate person. He is full of humor, philosophy, truth, questions, history, and all that is good about America. His site is Michael Fitch. Please check it out. Leave him some comments so he'll know you stopped by his site. He is a welcome addition to the group.

Jane, what can I say about Jane that would do this women service? She is a wonderful human being who doesn't wait around for things to happen. Nope. She goes out and makes them happen. Her main concern right now is Yemen. Believe it or not, there are people there who are in a fight for their lives, and the only way we know through Jane. No American newspaper carries these stories. She also covers Military issues, as well as many others. She has many good links to topics of which you may be interested. Her site is Armies of Liberation. I am grateful for this addition to our group.

Pat is a wonderful lady who knows the ins and outs of Washington and still has a beautiful spirit! That is hard to manage, I hear. She has been very faithful to her family, friends, and God. She is a joy to read. Her site is PawigoView. She is a very welcomed addition to our group.

I am still waiting for Dagney to respond to the invitation, but I am sure she will. She is such a sweet lady. She can be a hoot! She has fire in her belly, and she holds no bars back. She loves this country, and she does not like what is happening due to these communists. If I may say so, neither do the rest of us. Her site is Dagney's Rant. She will be fun to have as an addition to our group.

Oh, me? I am a Christian woman who is fed up with the "Hate America First" crowd and decided to do something about it. I do not want to call them names. Rather, I want to put out the truth as it really is. Facts are stubborn things.

I realize this is a big project, and that is why I have invited some beautiful minds of which I am familiar to join me. I do not care if you are a Republican, Democrat, or Independent. I do care that you love America.

I do not approve of coarse language. It never helps to get a point across, and it will not persuade others or me. I like to source my writings if it includes news articles. Sometimes you will have to bear with me...due to my opinion, yet I do not know how to source them. My site is My Newz 'n Ideas.

If you love America, you can reach me here. We can talk, unless I already know you (of course.) Thank you so much for stopping by. Please realize, everyone who has been invited to join this group is very appreciated for their talent, their heart, their writing ability, their ability to express themselves, etc. I am honored to have them all. Since false flattery is a sin, my words are truthful. Have a great day.