Tuesday, June 14, 2005

We were right about Dean's charade

It has come to my attention through reading news stories at the Free Republic that Dean was doing exactly as the rest of the Democrats wanted him to do. Here is a copy of a memo that was "captured" and now you may see it.
The Memo

"It has become quite frustrating to continually lose elections and support. We believe that the American public views us as too liberal and radical. This might be true, but we desperately need to change the perception. Howard Dean has agreed to be our fall guy on this. He will take the usual Democrat stand on issues, and other major Democrats will attack him publicly as being too mean and radical. This will give the impression that some of our Democrats are to the right of Dean and allow them to compare favorable in the eyes of the public. It also has the added benefit of allowing a Democrat to beat up on someone and appear to win. Even if this win is against another Democrat, the perception of us winning is a HUGE improvement.

PS - Please don't tell Senator Patrick Leahy about this memo. He will leak it to the press, even if by accident."
Even the Democrats know Leaky Leahy is someone not to be trusted! You make up your own mind what to make of this. You can read the whole text at ChromWatch.