Monday, June 13, 2005

Stay on Your Guard

I ran across a story from the New York Post. I was perusing the Free Republic when I ran into the story. To be honest, I can no longer find it, but I know I found it there. Spooky, eh?
June 13, 2005 -- Police early today were questioning a Middle Eastern man who they say was carrying maps and sketches of the subway system.

He was part of a group of five or six Middle Eastern men discovered in a commercial building at 1173 Broadway in Brooklyn's Brownsville section by firefighters inspecting the sprinkler system at around noon. The firefighters said the men appeared to be acting suspiciously, and they called cops, who found the maps and sketches along with fake IDs. Cops took one man into custody. The others fled. [by] Jamie Schram
Can anyone say, "Where are the others?" How about, "Which way did they go?" Keep your eyes opened everyone.

It is up to those of us that understand the situation to save those who do not. It always has been. I am available. Are you?