Friday, June 24, 2005

Senators, Think Before You Speak

Another car bomber kills our troops! I cannot help but think that our troops will be targeted even more now that the terrorists can use Ted Kennedy's remarks for the benefit of recruiting more terrorists. If they can keep up the slaughter of Americans, they can count on Teddy to keep up his hype on quagmires and how badly the WOT is being managed. Teddy can call for resignation of our leaders, criticize our military function and continue to feed this to the American public so that they lose heart and he can be successful in creating another Vietnam type retreat despite the fact that the Iraqi government is getting stronger, the Iraqi defenses are growing stronger and our troops are doing many major and minor projects to assist the Iraqis get back on their feet.

Durbin's remarks and Kennedy's tirades do nothing to strengthen our nation but rather weaken it from within. When will they stand up for our nation? Kennedy's knowledge of on the ground happenings in Iraq are all based on someone elses reports since Kennedy has never visited our troops in Afghanistan or Iraq. He has no first hand knowledge of what is happening anymore than Durbin has first hand information of Gitmo. They both claim to be intelligent and informed yet they give positive facts no credence while making headlines against our military and our leaders.

It is time for Patriots of all parties to stop their sniping to gain headlines and come up with some rational alternatives if our current policies and procedures can be improved. We are all at risk and it is our brave troops that are risking their lives to keep the fight away from our soil. Start being part of the solution instead of part of the problem!