Monday, June 20, 2005

A discourse on the three front war we are facing

Lance in Iraq has a good post on the battle our troops are facing not just in Iraq and Afghanistan but in the US as well.

"Winning even as we are told we are losing"
Below is a brief excerpt:

So unhinged have we become that if an American policymaker calls for democracy and reform in the Middle East, then he is likely to echo the aspirations of jailed and persecuted Arab reformers. But if he says Islamic fascism is either none of our business or that we lack the wisdom or morality to pass judgment on the pathologies of a traditional tribal society, then the jihadist and the police state — and our own Western Left — approve.

Our military should not have to face a third front at home. They are doing a tremendous job and should be appluaded for their actions. The vast majority are proud of their part in bringing democracy to the people of Iraq and Afghanistan. Support them and let them finish the job.