Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Coalition of the Willing (and a Rant)

I just don't want to lose this link to Arthur Chrenkoff's pictorial tribute to the nations serving with us in Iraq.

Every time I hear about how we need to get France, or Germany, or some other STUPID country to cooperate with us and be our "friends" it makes me sick. Who needs "friends" that you need to coerce into cooperating with you? We don't need to appease hostile, anti-American nations to win the war, we just need to make them SHUT UP, one way or another, and we need to turn the terrorists into DEAD terrorists. SHUT UP about how we treat the slime of the Earth by making it too hot and too cold, poor baby. Oh yeah, and he wants your children dead, but he can't have to listen to the same garbage that your children listen to. Nooooooo way.

SHUT UP about how affable, and jolly Saddam Hussein is. I don't care if he tells dirty jokes, and likes Cheetos. He's a modern Hitler, and that's not an outlandish, absurd comparison (Sen. Durbin).

Love the apology Dick. So your basically sorry that all us Moronic, Right Wing, Religious, Bible Thumping Fanatic Christian, Red-State, Redneck, Hillbilly, Cousin Marrying, Mind-Numbed, Idiot, Conservatives are too Stupid to understand what you meant. Well, I gotta tell you, I have never married my cousin, and one more thing... SHUT UP! Oh, yeah, and I'm not a Religious, Bible Thumping Fanatic Christian either. I don't even believe in God, but you can still SHUT UP!

I hope I made a little sense here. It's getting kind of late. In summation, Libs - SHUT UP. Terrorists - DIE. Mike - Shut Up. Done