Wednesday, June 29, 2005

China's Pre-War Plans

I bring you this report, because I fear not too many-certainly not enough-are aware of the threat of the new axis. If they are, they are only concerned about money. Excuse me, but I am worth any amount of money they could possibly pay.

It is necessary for us to hear this. They had the nerve to discuss this on a day when our President is giving an Address to the Union. This leads me to believe that they are full speed ahead.

It won't be long before economic warfare is not the only kind of warfare that is satifactory to them. Please read this with the resolve and cautiousness it deserves.
Since the beginning of the war in Iraq, Beijing has worked feverishly to strengthen its ties with Moscow and Teheran in an apparent effort to prevent US military action against the remaining "axis of evil" members, Iran and North Korea. <...> ..., both Beijing and Moscow have accelerated the transfer of missile technology to Teheran, while selling the Islamic republic increasingly sophisticated military equipment.
...China was deliberately using economic warfare against Washington...undervaluation of the yuan against the dollar...disregard for World Trade Organization rules as weapons in China's economic war with the US. The report described China's expanding relations with Iran as countering multilateral efforts to stabilize international oil supplies and prices.

Russia was supplying increasingly sophisticated weapons to China and that these weapons were part of Beijing's strategy for defeating US forces in the event of war with Taiwan. <...> Most alarming, the Pentagon report warned that Chinese military strategists were considering the use of nuclear weapons against US and Taiwanese forces. [please read the whole story]
I would just like to point out that China alone has a population of one billion people. Most of them are men. They have been planning this for a life time. Do you really think economics will change their minds?