Thursday, June 30, 2005

A Candidate for Congress You Should Meet

This man is in an awkward situation. He is going to run for Maxine Waters seat, yet he is thousands of miles away. Yes, he is a soldier. His name is 2nd Lt. Rusten Currie. He also has a blog.

He is a warm, gentle, kind, patriotic, courageous, man. As a Soldier, he is confident in the mission, determined to see it to the finish line, self-controlled among the bs, courageous, and human. He is a fine man.

We would be honored to have him in the US Congress. This will only happen if you get behind him. If you would like to ask him questions, you may e-mail him.

He is going to need your help to walk the precints, help people become familiar with his name, understand who is running against him, and understand why he is running.

He truly believes this is WWIII, as do I. He understands the face of the enemy. He has met him, and defeated him. He understands people. He has helped so many. It is time we extend that same effort to him by supporting his campaign. Thank you.

God bless America, your families, and you.