Saturday, June 25, 2005

A Call to Prayer for Darfur, Sudan

I believe this is a very important request. Whether or not you believe in God or a god-like figure, you can still participate. Spend some time during this period to go through your house, apartment, car, or cardboard box and meditate on the freedoms you have to do so.
I will grant you that with the Supreme Court's ruling yesterday, everyoune may not feel so secure. Think of it this way: At least you don't have an army coming to set YOU on fire. Oh? You thought they just did that to Americans? No. This is not true, unfortunately for these poor people. Please, make your voices heard so someone will hear their voices through you. This is all I ask.
Congress 1-877-762-8762
White House 1-202-456-1111
Every call helps and is heard. Sen. Brownback has a bill (5495 I think), and a Congressman has bill 1424. Sorry, but I forgot his name, and I shouldn't have. They are both working on an Darfur Accountability Act. Thank you.

Will You Join Us In Helping Millions of Americans Care for Darfur?

Tens of millions of Americans attend religious services every weekend. Yet many have not had the opportunity to reflect on the plight of those suffering in Darfur. The U.S. Senate and House of Representatives have called for a weekend of prayer and reflection. By helping Americans learn about the suffering and our spiritual obligations to respond, we can help the people in Darfur.

You can contribute by encouraging your own religious leaders to participate in this shared weekend of prayer and reflection.

The Save Darfur Coalition is looking for volunteers to help us reach out to local faith communities and invite them to participate. If you have one to two hours to help, we will send you a short list of faith groups in your area to contact, information about the weekend, and some talking points to help your efforts. For more information, please send your name, telephone number, and zip code to us at
Below is the announcement for the weekend.

National Weekend of Prayer and Reflection for Darfur
July 15th, 16th and 17th 2005

The families of Darfur, Sudan are suffering. An estimated 400,000 Darfurians have been killed since February 2003 and over 2.5 million people’s lives remain at risk today. Over 500 innocent people die each day from violence, malnutrition and disease. By working together, individuals and faith communities can bring this to an end, but we must act now.

Join millions of Americans in praying for the innocent people of Darfur on July 15th, 16th, and 17th. Declared a National Weekend of Prayer and Reflection for Darfur by the United States Senate (S. Res. 172) and House of Representatives (H. Res. 333), the weekend coincides with the one-year anniversary of the Congressional declaration of genocide. Please use this opportunity to reflect on the plight of Darfur’s children and their families and respond as your faith and religious traditions call you.

The people of Darfur need our help. We hope that you will join us.

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