Monday, June 20, 2005

bin Laden, Iranian Gov't, and an exit strategy

It is amazing what happens when noone is paying attention. Congress is too busy investing itself and every single move our brave men and women do so they can remain in their cushy offices without getting blown to bits. But let me not be distracted.

Blackfive has found an article which I believe we should all read if we really care to know what is truly happening. If you will notice the dates, this is what I was saying since the cockroach left Afghanistan.

Be that as it may, at least now someone else is saying it. Someone with credibility! Me? I'm just a citizen who wants to kill bin Laden or have him dead.

I want the whole bunch of them dead. That way, we won't have to have any investagations into treatment of civil rights offenses for terrorists.

My God, they get better treatment than I do! When is the last time they handled a Holy Bible with clean, gloved hands? Hmm? Please read the article. It is worth your time. You will then have an answer for the fools that think we should pull out. I have an exit strategy for you. Check out Blackfive's map! Thank you.

PS. This does not include the Iranian people. We would not know as much as we do if it were not for them. They must be protected. This is about the Iranian Government that stifles the freedoms of the Iranians while killing our men and women. Both of these things cannot stand.