Saturday, June 25, 2005

The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler: Time to Say "Thank You"

The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler: Time to Say "Thank You": "LC Mope was listening to Teri O'Brien in Chicago the other day, when a mother of one of our brave soldiers called in and told her that her son wasn't sure that all of us here on the Home Front were really aware of all of the good stuff going on in the Sandbox (Iraq, in his case).
Thank you, Terrorist-Supporting Media, may the next target of terrorists be every media building in our nation. Yes, we can safely say that without worrying one bit that it might one day happen. The terrorists are vile and murderous, but they're not stupid enough to attack their allies.
However, we find ourselves in a position to rectify the situation. If the media has our soldiers wondering if we know what's really going on, then we'll just have to fill in the blanks, and LC Mope knew just how.
He wrote Teri and asked her if he might have the soldier's email address so that he could offer his reassurance and gratitude to this fine soldier drowning in the Traitor Media's propaganda, and he got it. Of course, ONE citizen's words of encouragement and praise is wonderful, but imagine how much better a whole AVALANCHE of the same would be?
Now, obviously we can't publish that email addy here in full view of every troll that might pass by, but LC Mope had an idea for that as well, so he set up an email 'clearinghouse' at
And that's where you all come in.
Please take the time to let this fine soldier and his buddies know that the Home Fires are, indeed, burning bright and warm, that the media doesn't represent mainstream America anymore than Mickey 'Fathead' Moore-on represents Anorexics Anonymous, that we are aware of the splendid job they're all doing over there and that we love them and keep them in our prayers every hour of the day.

Send it to the above email addy and LC Mope will forward them for you."

Hat tip to Seawitch