Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Another Reason I love America

I can ask anyone to help in any cause, and if they believe in that cause they will help without the fear of the government throwing them in jail. That is because I do not go against my country. I have no fear of anything I do. Well...we just won't discuss that! LOL. Only kidding.

The people here are fabulous. We get abused by other countries, put down, stepped on, and shown no gratitude. That's okay. We don't do anything for your gratitude, no matter how nice it would be if you could muster up some! No. We do it because we are Americans.

Unless you become an American, you may never understand. Does this mean you have to live in the USA to be an American? Why of course not! I know of many people who I would consider Americans who have never stepped foot on American soil.

Then what do I mean? Being American is an idea. It is a value. That is why many of the people who live here are not real Americans. Yes. I said it and meant it. It is about time someone did.

I will not waste my time by going on a rant against the Hate America First crowd. My time is valuable. So is yours. Join me in this struggle to free those who cannot free themselves. Help us to conquer those who wish to see our demise. Join the team. Thank you.