Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Appeasing Terrorists Gets You Nowhere

When this whole war on terror started there were countries that refused to join us. France, Germany, and Russia refused mostly because they were up to their eyes in the oil-for-food scandal. They gave us reasons that they did not want to be there including, of course, if we leave the terrorists alone they will leave us alone. Canada, who did not support us in our efforts found out last week that they are not immune from terrorism when a cell of peaceful Islamic terrorists was captured while planning big attacks in the Great White North.

The modern French do not have a good history with war or defending themselves. They allowed their country to be taken over by the Germans and the US had to go in and get it back for them. They just do not know how to do much except surrender. There attitude is that the terrorists have not bothered them, why should they worry. The terrorists have said they are going to attack the countries that support the US so France should be safe.

Guess again. The French broke up a terror cell that was planning to blow up a bunch of things in Paris including the Eiffel Tower:
A group of Islamist militants who planned an attack on the Eiffel Tower have been jailed by a French court.
Their targets around central Paris also included shops and police stations.
Amazingly, the French were a target even though they left the terrorists alone. Looks like we were right all along. You can not negotiate with a terrorist and we need to capture or kill them before they strike again. If they eventually hit Paris I would hope we would extend the same courtesy to the French that they ex trended to us and mind our own business. They can take care of themselves...

Source: Sky News

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