Friday, January 20, 2006

Hi Everyone!

It is so good to see that everyone has kept up the pace while I have been so busy. I really appreciate everyone's efforts.

If you are wondering why the sidebar looks different, I had to change the color to make our TTLB addition visible. For some odd reason when I try to put a new tag on the site, you cannot see 'black' print! How odd, eh? Well, if it is too ugly for you, let me know. I'll see what I can do.

Oh, in case you do not know, TTLB is "The Truth Laid Bear." He has a very good site. They do so many things. Remember the tsunami? That is where we all went to donate our money. It was great.

You may run into me over at this new site I found. It is a religious site, just to warn you. lol. Loving God Anonymously is a pretty good site. He/she is writing the Bible and going section by section.

I felt like I was neglecting my spiritual walk, so I searched for a site I could enjoy. If you feel like, stop over. Maybe I will see you there. Have a great and blessed day.