Friday, December 16, 2005

What Happens Now?

The Senate decided to vote down the extension of the Patriot Act. Let me paint a picture of what happens if this expires and we lose the increased ability of our security agencies to track the actions of terrorists.

No longer able to investigate the actions of terrorists, the FBI and CIA are unable to see the attack that Al Qaeda has planned on our country. A building is blown up, or a monument, or some other fixture of our society that results in a large number of innocent American deaths.

Those on the left blame the Bush administration for lack of intelligence. Even though we know that it could have been prevented by the Patriot Act, the left will deny it. They voted for the Patriot Act before they voted against it.

No more excuses. Renew the Patriot Act. Put the security of the country before the wants of the ACLU. I'm willing to put aside my civil liberties if it means no more attacks on my soil.

And then do something about the border.

Cross-posted from Shoot a Liberal.