Wednesday, November 16, 2005

More Good News

Our men and women of the Military everyday are performing outstanding and heroic works. Our troops in Iraq are the least spoken of unless it is bad news. This is a story of such a man who wants to give credit to the Iraqi troops. This is an amazing story, so I shall not delay.
I'm posting this e-mail from my OCS Buddy, who gave me permission to post it. He is in Iraq with the 48th Brigade. I removed one sentence of this e-mail so that no one pesters his family... Just to be safe. I also made it a little more anonymous by removing the full signature. I'd rather go overboard on the OPSEC than screw up.
This is from a new friend of mine. He knows I am thirsty for any good news to counter that which we have become accustomed. He is absolutely correct! His site is at Partamian.

This is a remarkable account of how brave and selfless the Iraqis truly are, regardless of the garbage we've been spoon-fed.
Hello all. I would first like to apologize for my absence, we have been actually living out in sector and will be doing so (with refit breaks) until after the elections in December. I have a lot to tell you but due to operational security, I can't talk about most of what's been going on. I can tell you that the insurgency here has taken some major hits and we are still going :-). I would like to relay a very touching story about the Iraqi Police (IP).

Most Iraqis (and a lot of coalition forces) don't really trust the Police here. They have a very bad reputation for being corrupt and inept at best. While performing mounted patrols just outside of Baghdad proper, my B section of 2 Bradley Fighting Vehicles was called to check out a possible insurgent ambush. They pulled off of the freeway and turned North to proceed across an overpass. As they crested the hill (they also had 2 Abrams tanks in tow), the lead Bradley Commander reported that and IP checkpoint was under attack by approximately 15 insurgents. Most insurgents are afraid of Bradley's and tanks so they began to try and break contact.

Unfortunately, trapped in between the IP and the insurgents, there was a little girl who was cowering behind a jersey barrier. One of the Policemen, noticing that the insurgents were trying maneuver away from the approaching armored vehicles, ran into direct small arms fire to rescue the trapped little girl. He shielded her with his own body and ran back to the relative safety of his police SUV. Be mindful of the fact that most Iraqi Policemen do not have body armor! The armored vehicles, now with a clear shot, proceeded to engage the attacking forces and chase them away.

I am awed by the bravery I see here everyday; not only from the best soldiers from around the world, but from the Iraqis who put their lives on the line every minute of every day. Coalition forces are fortunate to be able to return to our fortified operation bases with some relative safety. The Iraqi Police, Army and National Guardsmen (and women) risk death by merely driving to get fuel. It is to those brave men and women that I salute and ask all of you to do the same.

Please remember all of us at this most difficult time of the year. The holidays are especially hard on us because we are unable to fellowship with our loved ones. Fortunately, we have a fellowship, a brotherhood, that few others can possibly understand.

I have left out his name for privacy reasons. This is a moving and refreshing account of just one incident in the life of an Iraqi. How many times a day do we do this?

Do we not help for fear of a law suit? We should examine our own lives before passing judgement on others.

Congress, stay out of this war. If you do not remember what you said and how you voted, how the hell can you run a war? Leave it up to the people that are getting to do so. Thank you.

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