Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Daily Briefing on Iran

When I get caught up with reports on the Daily Briefing on Iran, it will be the last day you will receive just a piece of the news I receive from Iran. That should be soon. I'm on Sunday right now, and today is Wednesday. This is because it has come to my attention that the more we share this information, the better oppportunity we have of some of this news actually reaching inside Iran.

Daily Briefing on Iran has been blocked by the Iranian government. It is up to us to post each day's Daily Briefings.
The Telegraph is reporting what we have heard for a long time that the regime has blocked our site. Guess who the 1 are or 2 Iranian readers of our blog are (see the sidebar’s neocounter report of nations reading our blog). These readers often post pro-regime comments here. That is why we started our blogosphere supports real democracy in Iran campaign.

Fellow bloggers: republishing our reports on your blog makes it almost impossible for the regime to block access to the important news on Iran.
Please join us in this effort. You can look forward to news from Iran everyday here! Have a good day.