Friday, October 14, 2005

Liberal Tolerance, Huh? Here we go again

I was just chatting with Rosemary and got this blogging idea thanks to her. I had been telling her that one should protect ones privacy and security when blogging controversal topics, such as not use variations of ones real name in the url address. That got me to thinking, which is dangerous for a conservative old man like myself. I want to assure you that I am not part of the black helocopter crowd and only have been called a conspiritorist or right wing radical when not agreeing with the liberal agenda. Right now, I am studying Islam (unconventional education through the internet right now and plan to catch a course for credit as soon as I have the time). Anyway, through a few other folks, I have been cautioned about threats and retaliation if I blog the truth about Islam. It seems that Kafirs, those who refuse to submit themselves to Allah, disbelievers in Allah, do receive threats or sometimes worse. Recall Pim Fortuyn and Van Gogh were killed for disrespecting Islam. And, Hirsi Ali made a lot of enemies. Didn't we have a family killed in this country on the east coast for the fathers stand against Islam? I cannot remember their name, can anyone help me out on that?

I am not in the same league as Fortuyn, Van Gogh, Ali, or anyone famous. I am just a simple man living the American dream of freedom. But, if you piss off a radical who knows what will happen. (Look at the gang bangers taking shots at honest people for wearing the wrong color ball caps, etc.) Take a look at the blog, Say No to Islam, for more information on the 10s of thousands of Christians who have been killed for "just saying no to Islam." I question the term "Religion of Peace" after finding out what I have thus far. I will save that potato for later topics of discussion.

For that matter, anything that pisses off those from the left may have a negative effect. I don't know of any violence yet. I have found that there is no such thing as Liberal Tolerance years ago. It is reinforced every so often. Case in point, I have an American Flag/Statue of Liberty Remember 9/11 window sticker in my car rear window: My son and I were going to Costco and ended up in front of another car going to the same destination pulling into the parking lot. We parked almost next to each other. The lady got out of her car and started giving us dirty looks. My son had been driving and I was a passenger. So, I had a good view of his driving and knew that he had not cut anyone off or been obnoxious. My son picked up on the looks right away and asked me if I knew her. I told him no. Then I looked at her bumper stickers and think that I figured it out. The lady had a “Free Tibet” and some other left wing bumper stickers, I think Kerry/Edwards and "Stop the War" the standard good old liberal Seattle stuff.

I told my son that it must have been her liberal tolerance agenda that pissed her off. I could not understand why an America Flag/Statue of Liberty Remember 9/11 sticker had been offensive to her. However being the optimist that I am, maybe my Seattle Mariners sticker was the trigger. The Mariners don’t have a good winning record this year, but, “Ya gotta love those guys! Go Mariners!"However, I doubt that the Mariners caused those dirty looks, I think it was patriotism that did it.

A hat tip to Rosamary @ Knickerbocker News for getting me thinking about liberalism. Actually it does not take much to get me going on the politically correct mental disorder. Gotta run. Have a Kafir day!