Friday, October 07, 2005

A Common Prayer for American Patriots

This is a beautiful prayer I found at the Federalist. I would like to share it with you. If you are not of a faith, you may skip this article. I will not be censored by you.
In peace we pray for all people.
We pray--
- for our family,
- for our friends,
- for our brothers and sisters in Christ,
- for those not known to us who are lonely, who suffer illness or other adversity,
- and for those who remain in our hearts.

We pray--
- for our nation,
- for our president and national leaders, that they would seek You for wisdom, that You would protect them from the lure of greed and power and enable them to promote an agenda that is honoring to You as they govern our country.

We pray --
- for all those who stand in harm's way defending our liberty, that You would protect them and give them comfort in times of hardship, and assist them in defeating the enemy and bringing order to the world,
-for their families, that You would give them peace and stability as they await the return of their loved ones.
We pray--
- for our coalition partners, their families, and their governments. We pray for the people who desire to taste freedom, may You protect their loved ones and them. We pray they are not one and the same as our enemies! If so, we pray You would change their hearts to know and understand peace, and to desire it more than war. We also pray that You would crush our enemies that are intent on destroying us.
We pray for the knowledge of love, the wisdom of truth and the stewardship of all creation.

We pray in the name of Christ Emanuel.

The Federalist is an organization that looks to our Founding Fathers and the Bible for understanding of our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution. We are a Judeo-Christian Nation. It has guided us to be compassionate to the poor, stern with the wicked, and tolerant of those who hold different views. If only they could show the same respect, the world would truly be a better place to live!