Thursday, October 13, 2005

Big 12 ramps up security after OU 'suicide' blast

Officials still maintain that the Oklahoma University student Hinrichs was an isolated incident with no radical Islam connections. Federal and state law enforcement agencies remain mum about the incident, and the main stream media does not cover it like they covered other news. At least the Big 12 Conference is adding security for the coming games. This is a smart move, but one must wonder, "Do they know something that we do not?"

What I found amusing in the article was a comment that “media reports” indicted that Hinrichs was depressed and alone. The kicker is apparently there was Islamic Jihad material found in his apartment, he attended the same mosque as Zacharias Moussaoui, some reports indicate that he tried to enter the game but ran away because security was searching bags at the stadium.

Gosh, maybe it is the water or maybe bad karma at the Mosque that would cause Hinrichs to act out in such an inappropriate and irrational manner. Maybe Zacharias Moussaoui was just an innocent bystander too. But I seriously doubt it.

At any rate, things do not add up in this case. There is history of Jihadists acting out in such a manner and planning similar incidents in Europe, Israel, and other countries. It is not a matter of if, it is a matter of when it is coming to the United States of America. We denied that planes would be used in this country until 9/11/2001. We were caught ill prepared; with our heads in the sand. Seems to me, someone is trying to minimize this story. I give Big 10 high marks for ramping up security. If we waited for it to come through official channels it may be to late. Read this story

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  • If you ask me, things do not add up. There appears to be more unanswered questions now than before. Mark Tappscott also has posted a wealth of information on his site. A Hat Tip to Mark for his outstanding reporting and information gathering. Here are additional links that were posted by Mark on his Blog site:
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