Thursday, September 08, 2005

They Are Heroes To Me!

Two Navy helicopter pilots heard a transmission from New Orleans requesting help rescuing citizens. Lt. Shand & Lt. Udkow had completed their mission, and because they were out of range to contact their base, they headed their helicopters to New Orleans.

"It took only minutes for the H-3 helicopters to fly to New Orleans, where Udkow's crew plucked people off rooftops. Shand hovered over the roof of an apartment building where more than a dozen people had been stranded. When he returned to get more, two crew members entered the building and found two blind residents and led them to the helicopter. "

They were "counseled", but were not reprimanded. These pilots, and their crews should be receiving medals, IMHO! They are definitely heroes to me, and to hundreds of others. God Bless these American heroes!