Thursday, September 08, 2005

Speculation on next SCOTUS

Speculation on the next SCOTUS pick. Is the Administration setting the table for an Estrada nomination?

Sepculation is rampant about the next pick. I figure I might as well give it a shot.

Here are some of the credible candidates: Michael McConnell, Michael Luttig, Emilio Garza, Janice R. Brown, Pricilla Owen, and Edith Jones.

I think none of these will be chosen, though all are good options.

I think the President will nominate Miguel Estrada.
He is young, 43, which is one of the most important factors. His resume is impeccable. Nominated to the DC Circuit by President Bush in 2001 and was fillibustered until he withdrew in 2003 before the Senate agreement of 14 approved most of the previously filibusterees. Estrada was filibustered for the precise reason that the White House had not provided access to documents prepared when he was assistant solicitor general. My interest comes in this point. Estrada and Roberts have almost identical resumes, experience and the most important thing, duplicate experience in the Solicitor General's office. If solicitor's general office documents are not released and democrats vote for Roberts, how can they vote against confirming Estrada?

Go Mr. President, nominate Miguel Estrada, a young, strong conservative hispanic, and watch the left literally, spontaneously combust.

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