Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Irán a Irán, version 2

(for background, see version 1 here, and prior pondering)

In today's news, Iran hails Venezuela vote against IAEA resolution
"The vote shows the depth of the two countries' brotherly and friendly ties," Ahmadinejad was quoted as saying during a telephone conversation with his Venezuelan counterpart Hugo Chavez.

The 35-member Board of Governors of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Saturday adopted a resolution presented by the European Union on Iran's nuclear case by a vote of 22 to 1 with 12 abstentions. Venezuela cast the only blackball.
Hugo's working on keeping his wholesaler happy. After all, doesn't Iran Suggest Axis of Good? (via Hispalibertas)
“We have many friends but would like to express our special gratitude for those countries who were not led astray by the propaganda against Iran: Russia, China, Venezuela, Algeria, the South African Republic, Mexico, Tunisia, Pakistan, Nigeria, Yemen, Brazil, Sri-Lanka and Vietnam,”
In addition to the mullahs, Venezuela's also cultivating a friendship with Batasuna, the banned political party of the Basque terrorist group ETA, which will feast Hugo and fidel at the upcoming summit in Salamanca, Spain. And let's not forget those Sandinistas in Venezuela oil deal.

In other Venezuelan news, Venezuela is poorer as Chávez doles out nation's oil wealth, something TBHB readers have read about.

Hugo expects to be around until 2021, but some think it'll be more like 2030, along with his best friends

Update Isn't it precious?
REMEMBER THAT last year US troops were disinvited for the October 12 parade in Madrid? Remember that one year before that, when Zapatero hadn't yet gained power with the 'push' of the jihadists on March 11, he conspicuously refused to stand up when the Stars and Stripes was passing in front of him ("Why should I? It's not my flag"; see this post for background).

Well, guess which countries are good for Zapatero: he's inviting for this year's October 12 military parade... Cuba and Venezuela!
The Spanish national holiday, October 12, commemorating Columbus's discovery of America, will see all the Latin American countries, including Cuba and Venezuela, participate in the traditional military parade. The holiday is two days before the Ibero-American summit, to be held in Salamanca. The armies of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro and Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez will march through the streets of Madrid. In 2003, at the very same parade, then opposition leader Zapatero refused to stand up as the United States flag passed by as a protest against the Iraq war.
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