Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I'm Proud of America

That's right. Proud. I love my country. I'm so fed up with the politicizing, and the blame game with respect to Hurricane Katrina. But instead of offering up an angry rant, I'm going to tell you why this disaster has given me even more reason to love America.

I'm proud of our response. Granted, I can understand why people may think the response was slow. If it were me in that situation, I'd think five minutes were too long. But were talking about big, stupid, slow government bureaucracies here.

Never mind the logistical problems involved in getting supplies to people when all the roads are under 20 feet of water. Never mind the difficulties that are obvious when the only way to get people out is to airlift them out. It's sad that there are so many in this country are dependent on government, and that so many are so inclined toward instant gratification that they see the relief effort as being slow and muddled up.

To the degree that is true, again I have one word... Bureaucracy. Aside from that, we have done phenomenal work.

The real thing that has inspired me is the manner in which the American people have responded. I'm talking about you and me, and the millions of others that aren't concerned with the politics of the disaster, but instead are concerned with helping people in need.

We've seen a real demonstration of the commitment to charity of Americans, and the compassion that is inherent in America. We love each other. We are dependent upon EACH OTHER, and we can see here why. Individual Americans have demonstrated their generosity, and caring, and it fills me with pride.

We can see first hand why individual charity will ALWAYS be superior to government agencies. We can also see why America is the most giving and charitable nation on earth.

Today, I will stand up and say "I'm proud to be an American. I love my country." And I will know that we, as individual citizens will continue to do whatever is necessary to help those who so greatly need it.


Give to Catholic Charities, Red Cross, Salvation Army and don't forget Rosemary's Idea from Soldiers Angels and the insanely overly comprehensive Instapundit roundup.

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