Thursday, August 11, 2005

The Daily Briefing on Iran

I would like to bring to your attention a friend of mine who has had a computer meltdown. His laptop computer crashed. He does not have the necessary funds to fix it, nor can he afford a new one.

He has swallowed his pride, which wasn't really necessary because the blogger family will always come to the aid of a true need, and he shared his troubles with us. It is up to us, now, to make sure that we do not allow this source of news just dry up. I know I depend on this site.

I sometimes give thanks when the e-mails come, because I have been so busy fixing my own computer, editing, or writing! I am always grateful, however, that the e-mails keep coming.

I am very interested in Iran. It is a beautiful place with beautiful and proud people. It is rich in culture and history. They love their country as we love ours.

We are not going to war with them precisely because 70% of the population desires demacracy! They want to bring it about themselves, however. I would know none of this without the help of The Daily Briefings on Iran and my Iranian friend, Korosh. I am very grateful to know them.

I have "borrowed" his latest post to show you how many people share my feelings.
When I first put out a call for help yesterday, I never expected the kind of support I received from fellow bloggers such as:
Chrenkoff, wrote:
Dr Zin from the indispensable Regime Change Iran is sending out an SOS ... Please help if you can.
WindsOfChange's Dan Darling wrote:
DoctorZin's Regime Change Iran has served as a valuable resource for those seeking the latest news and information on developments inside Iran. ... I would like to take this opportunity to urge all those who have benefited or at least appreciate the worth of his briefings to make a contribution to such a valuable resource.
SMCCDI's Aryo Pirouznia wrote:
Your valuable help is needed in order to allow a very useful pro-democracy website ( ) to continue its informative operation. ... Contact Gary and provide your assistance to his useful website! Let's avoid that another source of voicing up become silent!
Free Thoughts's Stefania who wrote:
Gary is doing a great job in letting the world be informed about what's going on inside Iran. I also received this email from Gary. Help as much as you can ! Your help is for a just cause!
as well as activists like Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzzi wrote:
Gary's blog has provided invaluable information by compiling news from a huge number international media outlets, organizations' websites and activists' blogs to bring readers up to date on the daily events surrounding the Iranian movement. He has also deconstructed information that requires clarification for readers who are unfamiliar with certain historical or cultural contents.So please be generous.
I want to thank you all for your tremendous support in helping spread the word. It is working.

The good news is that we have received $800 so far.

So we are closing in on the goal.

Friends from Canada, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, Australia, and in the US: California, Florida, Iowa and Ohio have contributed so far.

Our goal is around $2000.00. Several serious bloggers have suggested the make and model of the replacement laptop as well as warranties I need, etc.

Anything you can do to help us meet this goal would be greatly appreciated. The best way to contribute is to use PayPal with the link below. [You have to go to his site for PayPal.]

In the meantime, my posts will be rather limited. I am using a desktop computer and this means I cannot spend any where near the time I typically spend on this work. I apologize. I will work to catch up as soon as possible.If you believe in this work, please help now.
If you will, please go to The Daily Briefings on Iran and make a donation toward this cause. Even if it's only $10. Every little bit helps. For those of us who rely on Dr. Zin and F14Pilot, please help. It will be a great service to us all. This way, I may continue to keep you up to date. Thank you so very much. May God bless you, and have a great day.