Saturday, July 23, 2005

Yemen Riots Continue

(Context of the protests and Video of the protests )

AL-Wahdawi net of the Nasserite Unionist party reported demonstrations in al-Habilayn district of Lahej. Protesters burnt pictures of the president, and set public offices on fire.

A night time curfew was imposed on Thursday after demonstrations began again after the evening prayer. Police sources told RAY news that riots in Aden were organized and they have instructions to use what ever means necessary to thwart the riots.

The official Saba news agency announced through its mobile-phone news service an impending presidential speech on Thursday. But there was none.

5 journalists were arrested and live broadcasting was banned. an al-Jazeera correspondent and camera men were held for 8 hours at the PSO. They were released after the channel announced their arrest.The Al-Hurra TV crew was also detained. Al-Thwary paper of the YSP was banned from printing for a second week.

In Mareb, tribesmen continue to hold the oil tankers destined for other parts of Yemen. This morning, a peaceful demonstration was launched in Mareb. The Mareb tribes have declared a truce in order to unify their efforts. There was a fire set in an oil pipe line in Shabwa and shooting at governmental vehicles in the governorate.

Flour trucks coming to the capital were intercepted by protesters who gave the flour to the villages on the road. A special forces unit engaged the protesters.

The ministry of interior said yesterday that total casualties of the riots all around Yemen is 22 killed and 120 wounded. It also said that 255 security soldiers were wounded. News Yemen said that 51 were killed and hundreds were wounded.