Thursday, July 14, 2005

Take the Memorial Back E-mail

I received an e-mail today from Take Back the Memorial. They are having a meeting today, and they need us to make phone calls. I knew that, for those who have forgotten what this memorial represents, we need reminders. Since the MSM will not help us, I will. Here is the e-mail I received:
Dear Rosemary,

The Lower Manhattan Development Corporation (responsible for rebuilding at Ground Zero as well as choosing the IFC for the site) is having a board meeting today. This presents an excellent opportunity to make your voice heard!

If you are able, please take a moment to make a phone call and let the LMDC know that you believe cultural institutions such as the IFC and The Drawing Center have no place at Ground Zero and the memorial quadrant should be devoted to February 26, 1993 (first WTC bombing) and September 11, 2001 alone.

Lower Manhattan Development Corporation
Phone: (212) 962-2300
TTY Phone: (212) 962-0045
Fax: (212) 962-2431/33

Thank you for your continued support!


Robert D. Shurbet
Take Back the Memorial

This is what the Pentagon looked like on that unforgettable day. It still takes my breath away. Thanks for all you do for America. God bless you.