Friday, July 08, 2005

President Saleh


Lt. Ali Saleh, Not Only a Down To Earth Dictator, But A Dangerous, Corrupt, and Destabilizing Element to the Peace and Security of the Region

It has been established for sometime now that the Yemen dictator Lt. Ali Saleh is a corrupt and an unqualified partner in the process of democracy in the Middle-East.

Apart from his indulgence in demanding huge amounts of money from local and overseas investors, the dictator of Yemen and his men are partners in major illegal businesses including arms trafficking to neighboring countries such as Somalia, Sudan, and across the border to Saudi Arabia.

Today the 3rd of July, 2005 the Saudi daily OKAZ newspaper published a news item confirming that Saudi border security arrested Yemeni smugglers attempting to cross into Saudi territory. A large quantity of arms consisting of 300 machine guns, 6 bazooka rockets and 7000 rounds of ammunition were confiscated. All the smugglers were Yemeni nationals.

The smuggling of arms, drugs, and children has become a daily, unlawful activity in Yemen. Thus, proving beyond doubt that the Yemeni authorities are most inefficient and/or retain mutual benefits with unlawful bandits.

The Yemeni opposition groups appeal to all fair-minded governments and democratic groups and institutions to isolate the dictator of Yemen and his regime. Dictators in the Middle-East must be pressured to step down, thereby, giving way for truly elected governments to emerge through transparent elections supervised by impartial observers.

The unlawful cash money and properties of dictators which are outside their countries, i.e. Yemen, Libya, Egypt, and Syria must be ceased and accounted for. The Middle-East dictators and in particular, the Yemeni dictator, should be seriously and immediately investigated vis-à-vis his record of criminal mishandling of trust, misappropriation of public funds, coupled with constant violations of human rights, civil liberties, and in particular, freedom of the press.

The democratic governments in Europe, USA, and Canada should refrain from dealing at any level with Middle-East totalitarian governments. They should consider these dictators as irrelevant.

To conclude, we would appeal to all concerned to extend support to Yemeni, Egyptian, Syrian, and Libyan opposition groups and call upon governments in the free-world to sponsor an ad-hoc committee capable of organizing the ‘First Conference For Arab Elite’ striving to establish genuine, representative governments through peaceful means.

(author unknown)