Saturday, July 02, 2005

...Odd's & End's on This and That from Here and There...


- Digging up controversy just for the sake of argument is boring. A sharp tongue means a dull mind.
- Extremists do a great job of fueling extremists on the other side.
- The more taxes you pay, the less you save. Since only taxpayers get a tax cut, they don't have to pay as much in taxes. It doesn't stop the idiot's from chanting, "It's always a tax cut for the wealthy."
- Everything is up in the air once the judges get involved.
- People are, at best, intellectually dishonest (i.e., a nice way to say "lying") when they omit information and instead choose to use biased reporting.
- A true atheist simply doesn't care. It's really hard to hate something in which you don't believe...
- When a person doesn't have the intelligence to make a point, insults/fraudulent statistics/sidetracking are about the only things left in their bag of tricks.
- Unfortunately, it only takes a handful of people to corrupt the Constitution - one 'antitheist' with the money to hire an attorney, one judge who puts personal prejudices above the Constitution, 3 or 4 Federal Appeals Court judges with a like disposition, and 5 Supreme Court Justices who are so willing to torture the language of the Constitution that the fanatics win a case or two.
- I think we are all being manipulated into forming a neurotic/psychotic/”politically correct” society. The Republicans have the Presidency, a majority in both Houses and a majority of state legislators and Governors. What does that tell you about the thinking of the majority of Americans?

ON A PERSONAL NOTE: “Politically Correct"? Ever since this truly weird term started to be inflicted upon us, I have never been about to discern what is “Political” about how People treat other People. Politics used to involve discussion of various issues, voting on various laws, etc., and differences/similarities in political parties/members.
...Not to confuse, but if someone is going to try and inflict such abstract thinking on others does not it seem wiser to use a term like, “Social Correctness," etc.?
....Let me know if I somehow missed some glowing definition of what I can only see as “rubber language” used with little or no bases in the common language of man to develop desired levels of baseless guilt in generally innocent and decent people.
.....Ur Pal... Mr. Grassroots....................................