Monday, July 11, 2005

Muslim Voices about London's Terrorist Attacks

We have been saying for a long time, "Where are all the moderate Muslims?" Well, I believe I have found some!

You may know of the Free Muslims Coalition. To read about yesterdays horrific events of terror, try clicking on the "Press" link in the upper right corner. You may also try the "Terrorism" link on the left. Also, you can read my post from yesterday.

There are many more voices than these, however! They are coming forward and I want to help them be heard. If they are not heard, it is not for their lack of trying. Shame will be on us for NOT supporting them.

Global Voices Online is a site that gathers what people are saying and translates it for us. If you speak Farsi, Arabic, or any of the many dialetics, please let Rebecca know. She can use all the help she can get with so many bloggers! lol.

Hat tip to Blackfive.

Update: I have been seeing many Muslims who have condemned the London bombings. I believe they should be included in this list:
Hiwa, from Kurdistan, Iraq
Chan'ad Bahrani, from Bahran.

As I come across more sites, I will add them to this list. I want them to know they are appreciated. Now if they would stop them before do these things, if the moderates would take over the terrorists, we will be getting somewhere. There would also be more security in Iraq and Kurdistan. Let us work together for each other's sake.