Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Democracy in Action

Recently, the Supreme Court made the acrimonious decision to take away the property rights of US citizens. On Wednesday, in New London CT, a rally was held in support of the home owners. Mud&PHud has a great post and pictures from the rally. I do love to see democracy in action!!

However, one New London council woman did not see things that way:
*Classy line from Margaret Curtin (a member of the New London City Council): "It didn't affect anyone," she said of the rally. "It wasn't on the agenda."
Seems Ms. Curtin has the same deep disregard as the Supreme Court for those homeowners whose land is about to be confiscated, for just compensation of course.

I am still continuing my efforts on the Mississippi home front, though I have not been able to do much lately. There are still some quirks that need to be worked out after the server crash at work.